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Indoor Hemp Plant Hangers

Indoor Hemp Macrame Plant Hangers 

Provide a touch of green inside your home using the best in macrame plant hangers. At Macrame Magic, we provide you with durable and rustic plant hangers that work with your home decor. Your indoor hemp plant hangers will be handcrafted in the highest quality hemp fiber. And not just any hemp, rest assured we've searched diligently to find you the absolute best available. Hemp is extremely durable and doesn't wear out, especially indoors, providing you with a tough base material for your plant hangers that can lasts for decades.

Right now, we offer Hemp Krazy 8 and Simply Hemp. Both of which provide a simple rustic look to your home. These two indoor hemp plant hangers are available in different lengths to meet your DIY decorating projects. You can choose from macrame lengths including 24”, 30”, 36”, 42 and 48” in length. All indoor hemp plant hangers are hand-made. With these hemp-based plant hangers, you can complete a rustic re-design of your home and/or sun-room.

Add that extra rustic look you've been searching for today! Select you favorite design and length and get your beautiful and beloved plants hung up fast.