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Hanger Dimensions

Hanger Dimensions

   Whatever your reasons are, below are some things to consider when deciding


There are 2 main measurements you really want to take into account before deciding the length of the hangers you purchase. How far from the hook you'll be hanging your macrame plant hanger from do you want the bottom of your planter to be once placed in the hanger and the diameter (measurement across) of your planter. Keep in mind these measurements are approximate, the weight of your planter (wet and/or dry) will also be a factor at any given time. These 2 measurements are very important and here's are a couple example's on how to use them to decide your completed plant hanger length. 
       Example #1:  You want the bottom of your planter to hang down to 30" from your hanger hook (which you hang your plant hanger from) and you will be using a 12" planter. Because a 12" planter will raise the bottom of your hanger about half of the diameter of your planter ,or 6",  you would need to purchase a 36" hanger. 
      Example #2: You have a 10" planter and would like the bottom of your planter to come down to 24" once hung. In this case you would need to purchase a 30" macrame hanger since the plant hanger will shorten by 5" once your planter is placed within your hanger.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a plant hanger. Here we will go over a few we think might be helpful in choosing the perfect macrame plant holder.

Who are you purchasing a plant hanger for?
  •   Are you buying a macrame holder for yourself?
  •   A Friend?
  •   A Relative?
  •   A Colleague?

What will you be using your hanging plant hanger for?

  • Your Plants?  
  • A Bowl of fruit?
  • Stuffed animals?   
  • Decorative soap and towels? 
  • Decoration accent?
Where will you be placing your hanger?
  •   Will you be using it as an indoor macrame plant hanger  
  •    for your home, in the  kitchen, bathroom, living room maybe even the baby's room?
  •   Maybe you will hang it up at work in the office? Bring some life indoors!
  •   Outdoors possibly on your deck, patio, yard or even the garden

 Overall Hanger Length-   

      Here at Macrame Magic all of our hanger lengths listed are measured from the Top of the hanger ring to the Bottom knot just above the tassel.Your plant holder tassel will always add an additional 6" or more to the listed length. For instance, if you purchase a 30" hanger and add 6" for the tassel the total length (before placing your planter inside) will be 36". 

The size of your planter-

       We get phone calls and emails all the time asking what macrame hanger length would be ideal for certain planter sizes. This is a difficult question to answer without taking into consideration several factors. How low from where your hanger is attached would you like your hanger to hang? Typically we suggest the following planter sizes for the different lengths:
  •  24" hanger will hold up to a 6" planter
  •  30" - up to an 8" planter
  •  36" - up to a 10" planter
  •  42" - up to a 12" planter 
  •  48" - up to a 14" planter
        Please keep in mind these are only suggestions, a longer hanger can always hold a smaller planter. It all depends on how low you want your planter to hang. Say for instance you have an 12" planter and you want it to hang in your macrame plant hanger at around 48" (4 feet) from the ceiling, You might think to yourself "Okay I need a 48" hanger then", well remember the size of your planter will shorten your hanger, raising the bottom of your planter up a few inches. Using the chart below you would actually want to purchase a 54" hanger.
  •  6" planter will raise the bottom of your hanger up 3"
  •  8"   planter up 4"
  • 10" planter up 5"
  • 12" planter up 6"
  • 14" planter up 7"

Materials used to craft your macrame plant hanger-

    Macrame Cord-

        In the 70's macrame material options were limited. You really only had a few such as jute, cotton or hemp. Today we have access  to synthetic fibers such as nylon or polypropylene. If you plan to use your macrame hangers outdoors, it is UV protected for lasting color in the sun to, the synthetic cord we use is going to outlast natural fibers by decades I'm sure. Although we are now offering the hemp hangers as well. We searched and found the best natural hemp we could find.

    Hanger Ring Materials-

         There are several hanger ring materials to choose from here at Macrame Magic. If your hanging your macrame holder indoors then brass plated rings are fine. They will hold up for awhile outside as well but we don't suggest it. They WILL rust in the weather. But  you have the option to choose either real Solid Stainless Steel rings which are of course rust resistant. Not only that but they add additional beauty and quality to your hanger. You'll be using it for years to come, why not make sure it was built to last. You can also choose real solid brass rings as well.

    Color Choice-

        Do you have a favorite color? Maybe your looking for a decorative macrame plant hanger that you plan to use as an accent to your already beautiful home. Well thats why we offer 60 colors. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, browns, shades of black and white as well as mixed colors are all available to make sure you find just the right match for your style. We have supplied several weddings with macrame hangers and when your using them for that special day it's nice to be able to find matching colors

    Hanger Design-

        We say custom handmade for a reason. And in providing that custom experience we offer lots of options on every design.