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Macrame Magic
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Quality Macrame Plant Hangers 

Handcrafted by an American Company

Wondering who will be crafting your macrame plant hangers?  My wife (Kayla) and I (Gary) started this little business a few years ago intent on working from home so we could spend more time with our children.

When we first started we had only a few basic macrame plant hangers which were only available in 3 or 4 colors. We listened to our customers from day 1 and as you can see we've done all we can to make it possible for you to be creative and design macrame plant hangers in the COLORS YOU WANT and in LENGTHS YOU NEED.

We are happy to be the only company to offer so many possibilities, from 24 color options, different thicknesses of cord, quality materials for your macrame hanger rings, even bead shape and color options, some of which we hand paint ourselves.

We want America to own quality. The kind of quality that is seldom found these days, by down to earth folks who truly LOVE making people smile and feel cared about as more than just a customer. It used to be known that if it was Made in America it was going to last. And that is what we strive to provide for you. For me, Made In America means WE CARE. We care about our products being in your home and we are always thankful for the trust you put in us.  Made in America means quality and hard work. It means that the product , whatever that may be, will not only last but that the care can been seen and felt.

 We believe you deserve the best we can offer, and that in years from now when someone asks you, "Where did you find that" you can tell them You found it at an American company.

We receive phone calls all the time from customers whose mom or dad crafted the macrame plant hanger they have in the 60's or 70's and they need to replace it now. That's what we want to provide for you, but with crafting materials that will hold up for a lot longer. Something that makes you smile , because you found an American company that offers you quality and let's you the owner design your macrame hanger just the way you want it.

We take our time and pay close attention to the detail of each and every knot in your plant hanger. Whether its a simplicity macrame hanger that only has 26 knots or one of our more sophisticated hangers that have upwards of over 1000 knots. Our work takes time and love and care. 

We have two beautiful children to provide for and if your are a parent you know what that means. You and I would do anything for them. This business has not made us rich, it has not given us fancy cars or a $200,000 home but it has allowed us to provide our children clothes , food for their little bellies , warm beds to sleep in and precious time with family that can not be replaced.  And we thank you for this from the bottom of our hearts.

We believe that "Man shall live by the work of his own two hands." When we craft a your hangers , you can rest assured we do so with your happiness in mind. We want you to be happy that you found us and share us with your friends and family.

That being said I hope this page gives you a bit more insight into who we are and why we do what we do. Have fun designing your macrame hanger. If there is anything at all that we can do to help you in choosing the right plant hanger for your needs , please by all means, feel free to contact us . I may miss catching the phone in time because our hands are full of knots , but I promise I will get back with you as soon as possible.

 -Gary & Kayla- 
Owners and Artists